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Our Tax Resolution Attorneys are experienced in all cases including tax resolution, tax dispute, and general issues relating to IRS tax and debt relief. The attorneys at our law firm, are well versed in the local, state, and federal tax code, and can help you today! We offer tax relief advice for clients throughout Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County and Beyond. If you have an IRS tax dispute do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Let’s get started rebuilding your financial security.

Payment Plans are Often an Equitable Option to Assist in Resolving Your IRS Tax Problem!

A powerful government entity, the IRS may appear as impersonal; however when it comes to tax debt collection, it may also appear as logical and patient. The IRS knows that if it is patient, it will collect money owed by taxpayers. The IRS understands that it cannot collect money from taxpayers when there is none available. They will work with taxpayers using installment payments, imposing fees, penalties, and interest, in order to collect on tax debt owed to the government. The IRS may charge penalties to taxpayers who fail to file an annual tax return or fail to pay taxes owed by the annual tax deadline. They will allow for tax debt installment payment plans. Such plans constitute an agreement with the IRS to pay taxes owed within an extended timeframe. If the payment plan is approved, then, an installment agreement, including fees, will be added to the tax debt owed to the IRS.

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“ We understand the needs for professionalism, privacy and confidentiality in our relationship with our clients. Our Tax Resolution Law Firm will work with you to resolve your tax concerns, effectively and efficiently!”

Michigan Tax Law Firm Helping Individuals Establish Installment Plans with the IRS?

For individual taxpayers, balances over $25,000 must be paid by direct debit. For businesses, balances over $10,000 must also be paid by direct debit. Taxpayers may apply online for installment plans using the IRS Online Payment Agreement Tool (https://www.irs.gov/pa). An authorized taxpayer or an authorized representative, with Power of Attorney, may apply online for an installment payment plan which includes installment agreements. Once the taxpayer applies online for an installment plan, they will receive an immediate notification regarding the approval of their installment agreement application. Changes to the plan may also be made online using the IRS Online Payment Agreement Tool. Taxpayers must qualify for an IRS tax debt installment plan. Installment plans have options, i.e., formal or informal installment agreements. A formal installment agreement is a written agreement which includes monthly installments in a specific amount and within specified limitations in order to resolve tax debt.

An informal installment agreement may include monthly payments but may be for a specified amount of years until the debt is fully paid off. There are various plans, for example, one time or lump sum payment or short-term payment plans (120 days or less). Other options may include long-term installment agreements (more than 120 days through automatic withdrawals), or long-term 120 day plans using direct pay (debit/credit card).

Each taxpayer’s situation determines which payment options, agreed upon with the IRS, will work best to resolve delinquent tax debt. All payment plans must be qualified and approved, whether formal or informal, with the IRS and paid according to the installment plan agreement. An IRS representative works with the taxpayer, or their legal representative with Power of Attorney, to formulate a tax debt installment plan. No matter the tax debt situation, expeditiously resolve tax debt according to the installment plan agreement.


Installment plans Tax Resolution and Tax Dispute Attorney in Michigan

Installment Payments – Tax Attorney

Over the past 20 years, our tax dispute and resolution law firm, has helped numerous clients achieve peace of mind by successfully negotiating the best possible resolution to their IRS and other tax problems. Sometimes unavoidable circumstances place you in a position where you require the best IRS tax resolution firm. You can trust the Law Offices of Peter C. Rageas, for affordable, effective and aggressive tax relief.

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If you are experiencing serious tax debt, you should take immediate action to resolve your tax problem. IRS debts do require immediate action, most importantly, you should protect yourself against potential financial penalties. Whether your tax debt is old, recent, or personal, your liability can become worse over time. If you need help to resolve your tax debt obligation, Michigan IRS tax relief lawyer Peter C. Rageas, is ready to meet with you to begin negotiating a new start.

Peter C. Rageas specializes in tax resolution by maximizing his clients rights afforded to them by law, and helping them end their IRS tax problem. With over 20 years experience, rest assured you are in good hands! Contact our law firm today and let’s get on the road to tax relief. Remember, the longer you delay in resolving your tax problem, the greater chance the IRS will take drastic action to collect. Please call the tax specialists at Peter C. Rageas, and let’s get started!

When it comes to owing IRS debt, one thing is for certain, the more help you have from an experienced law firm, the better! Attorney Rageas, has been protecting hard-working individuals from IRS bank levies, garnishments, liens, and more. Start saving in back taxes, penalties, interest, and more today!


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